Thelma Opal Bostick is my great-grandmother, we call her Ninnie.  She was born in 1906 and has seen many things throughout her lifetime.  Yes, she is still with us today at the age of 106 years old.  She was a Registered Nurse for many years and around the age of 85 took a job looking after “old people” as she would say.  She always lived a healthy lifestyle and fully believed in natural health living.

When I graduated high school she gave me two spiral notebooks, one had recipes and the second was labeled “Hints”.  This “Hints” notebook was full of handwritten tips or “hints” on everything from vitamins to how to catch a mouse. I have treasured this notebook for many years and recently came across about 15 more additional notebooks.  The information contained in them are treasures and I am so glad for the opportunity to share them with the world.  The knowledge of times past are quickly fading and I am grateful my Ninnie wrote these so that I amy pass them on to my grandchildren one day.


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