Minty Marvel Facial Steam

Hint from Ninnie: This marvelous formula can be as simple as can be, just one herb, or more elaborate.  Use any mint, spearmint and peppermint are just the tip of the iceberg.  A facial steam with just members of the mint family can be an especially refreshing treat. Use one mint or use them all! Since mint is a stimulating herb, you will find your face feels more alive and rejuvenated after this sauna.

Tips on how to create a sauna or facial steam:

1.You will need a shower cap or small towel to protect hair, large towel, a large pot and herbs.

2. Place two large spoonfuls of your herb mixture in a large pot with three to four cups of water. Cover the pot and bring to a boil over med heat.  Turn down the flame and let the mixture simmer for five to ten minutes. Remove pot from the heat, leaving cover on.

3. Place the pot on a pot holder in front of you. Cover your hair with a shower cap or small towel and drape the large towel over your head and the pot to trap the escaping herbal steam.  Uncover the pot.  Keep your eyes closed, and allow your face and neck to soak in the steam for ten to fifteen minutes. Use the trapped steam to deep clean your face.  The sauna opens up your pores and helps skin release trapped dirt and grime that may evade ordinary cleaning.

4. Steam face one to two times a week. Procedure takes up to twenty minutes.


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